It was on an earlier Labor Day weekend when my life changed…

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Ah, memories.

I was relaxing on my balcony down here at the shore, overlooking the ocean,
on a beautifully sunny and warm day, a few days in advance of Hurricane
Dorian approaching.

And I was thinking, you know what?

It was 14 years ago, on a similar Labor Day weekend, when I made a
decision that changed my life forever.

Back then there was no shore condo, no relaxing on the balcony, and an
albatross on my back in the amount of multiple 6-figures of credit card
debt with little hope for being eliminated.

I had just terminated my membership in a site that promised the moon and the
stars as far as mentoring, but instead of the moon, I basically got mooned.

So anyway, on Labor Day weekend, 2005, I saw a WSO being sold by the trio of
Barrington Paige, Charles Smith, and Matt Levenhagen for a new forum-based
membership site, called Web Profit School (no longer active).

I joined, followed intently, especially to Matt, and learned things I had never
learned before, which led to my 5 Bucks a Day strategy, a forum, a membership
site, a book, and finally, after 3 long expensive years of racking up debt,
the eventual slaying of the albatross.

14 years ago. I'm still around, and Labor Days come every year.

This year, I want to remind you about the group coaching that I've put
together along with my partner Barb Ling, called DAB Group Coaching.

It's everything I wished for back then, and since then, in a very
friendly format, for both new and more advanced marketers.

It could do for you what Web Profit School did for me back then.

Make Labor Day 2019 the time where you'll look back fondly in the future
and say, like I'm saying this weekend, that decision was the best one that I
ever made, it changed my life.

Have a spectacular day.

Dennis Becker, the 5 Buck Guy



Thank You For Being A Valued Subscriber Since:

Date Subscribed: August 14, 2019

I had this email for almost three years and never saw it until today. I was deleting and cleaning up my 50,000 Email Messages/Swipes. After reading this email.

I have decided to bring back the WPS.

I'm back.

Thanks, Dennis.

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