What is PLR?

March 28, 20230 Comments

A few days ago, I sent out an email that detailed our newest PLR product available in The Shop. After doing so, a few of you asked questions that I would love to answer.

First, a few of you had no idea what PLR was. So please, let me explain...

PLR stands for Private Label Rights which essentially gives you the right to use somebody else’s content or product as if it were your own. This means you can take someone else’s product, such as an ebook, template, or spreadsheet, edit it, save it as a PDF or PNG, and then place it on your Etsy shop to sell.


You still need to be creative when editing the template to make it a unique product, but it will save you so much time designing it from scratch yourself.


Using PLR in your Etsy shop can help boost sales by giving customers more choices. As long as you follow all the legalities involved with using private label rights (i.e you want to read the terms of use and resell license), you could potentially make more money from selling PLR products on Etsy than from creating them yourself.


Second, some of you asked if the PLR content can be edited.

Absolutely! The PLR content is yours to use as you wish, so feel free to customize it however you'd like. Just make sure to follow the Licence Terms when using the content


Third, you asked if the PLR content can be used to create products of your own.


You sure can! You can use the content to create e-books, and printables, use them with other products, and include them in courses or membership sites, heck you could even use them to create physical books and journals... you're only limited by your imagination.

Now if you're looking to incorporate PLR in your Etsy shop? I have four evergreen resources for you.

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4

I hope this helped clarify what PLR is and how you can use it to take your Etsy shop up a notch.

Etsy SEO Tip, did you know that you could edit the alt tags for product photos? This feature is first and foremost to benefit the visually impaired, but it also serves as a great place to use your keywords. In case you might not be aware of it either, here is how to give your photos a description:

  1. Go to “Listings” under Shop Manager
  2. Select a listing to edit
  3. Hover over a product image
  4. Choose the pencil icon to edit the alt text
  5. Describe your image in the description box
  6. Save the text
  7. Repeat for each image
  8. Publish listing

You can use up to 250 characters. If you haven’t utilized this feature, head into your listings and give them a keyword boost.

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