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Quote of the Day: “Just Launch It.” — Matt Levenhagen
My Goal: Create Authority Blog in 30 days

Day 2 of the 30-day blogging challenge:

I’m participating in Sara Arrow’ 30-Day Blogging Challenge.  I decided to turn this 3o-day challenge into 100% free training on how to launch an authority blog from start to scratch.

You’re about to discover a step-by-step process

for publishing your own blog and making money from it!

It doesn’t matter if you’re not very technical. It doesn’t even matter if you’re new to the internet.

That’s because in the next 30 days you’ll discover:

  • How to choose a domain name and web hosting.
  • How to get your first blog up and running fast.
  • How to monetize your blog.
  • What to write about to keep your readers hanging on your every blog post.
  • How to drive targeted traffic to it and turn your blog into a popular niche hang out.
  • And much more!

You’re going to learn how to make money with your blog primarily by promoting affiliate offers, your own product or services.

To that end, you’ll complete these steps:

Step 1: Choose a hungry niche. Day job (overlap skills with your internet business if possible)

Step 2:  Select a profitable, in-demand product to sell to this niche. (Clickbank, Amazon, your service's and products etc..)

Step 3:  Set up a blog and start creating content that caters to the niche. (establish authority)

Step 4: Promote services, products or affiliate offers on your blog. (solutions to real problems, information products)

Step 5: Drive targeted, money-in-hand prospects to your blog. (build your list & passive income)

Blogs have become an essential part of making money online for one simple reason.

They work!

No matter what you’re selling or what your business model is, a blog can help you achieve more because it helps establish you as an expert.

Setting up a blog is only part of the battle.  You still have to :

  • Define your goals
  • Pick your money/passion niche
  • Optimize your blog
  • Do keyword research
  • Create content
  • Generate traffic
  • Build your opt-in list
  • Monetize your blog

By the time you finish this training, you’ll know exactly how to start and run your own profitable blog!

Change Your Mindset!

Too often people put a stop to the process as they fear that they’re not an expert. Or fear that they’re not the authority to write about a specific topic.

Heck, with proper research you don’t need to be the expert.

To establish authority you don’t have to be the most knowledgeable but you do need to be the most helpful.

This can be done by providing your audience the information they’re looking for.

Basically, you don’t need to be an expert in your niche to start an authority blog. That will come with time as you build your blog.

You simply need to know how to find a niche, solve a problem, and what actions are necessary to solve it.

But before we get into that, I want to show you that there are plenty of other ways to benefit and profit (directly and indirectly) from your blog.

Read on…

People use to publish books to showcase their expertise, now most anyone can publish a blog. And once that blog becomes popular, the blogger’s status is further elevated in the niche.

And that’s NOT all.

The more good content you post, the more your readers start to trust you… and that indirectly leads to more sales.

Plus if you allow your readers to interact with you (by allowing comments), that further strengthens your bond with them. End result? A more profitable blog.

Some people use blogs to raise their status in a niche. And some people use this elevated status as a springboard to more opportunities, such as free publicity and book deals.

Example: The big book publishers like to see when one of their newly signed authors has a platform. By platform, I mean a waiting audience. A blog is one such platform. If you build a popular blog and then go after a book deal, you can bet the publishers will take note.

If you invest your time and effort into an authority blog you can build a quality online business that will make you money every single month.

I invite you to ask questions below or via email using my contact form. I’m here to help!  So don’t jump ahead – just stick with the lesson for that day.

The next lesson will be about why people fail online and how you can avoid that and be successful.

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