JVzoo Download Page Manager.This is a BIG solution to a BIG Pain.

 This is a BIG solution to a BIG Pain.  After setting everything up for  there was one thing that took us nearly a week to setup...

...and that was the protected download page. We are using JVZOO affiliate marketplace,  where small business and entrepreneurs can sell their products with no upfront cost.  Since it was a real pain to setup.

It made me wonder if there is an easier way. If you're a programmer JVZoo provides some help for it --- but it could be so much easier!

In my effort to "systematize" the frustrating process of setting up a protected download page with JVZoo.

I had a WordPress plugin developed and it's called "WPS Download Page Manager" .

You can check it out at following link: My Download Page Manager

I had this software developed to make it easier for me to setup my protected download pages in JVZoo.  It can help you and your customers to do the same. ... Except you don't need to be a programmer or web designer.

That's all been done for you.

Here's a list of what it will do for you:

  • ** Secure using JVZoo API Key
  • ** Track Views, Downloads, and Buyers
  • ** Email Login Authorization
  • ** Locked Out Non-Buyers
  • ** Export Email Buyers List
  • ** Manually Add Customer Access
  • ** Easy Color Picker for Design
  • ** Hidden from Google and SEO
  • ** Add Your Logo and Custom Content
  • ** Add Popup TOS, Disclaimer, and More
  • ** Change the Every Piece of Content
  • ** Add Protect Big Download Buttons
  • ** Add Bonus Download Links
  • ** Add Your Own Video Embed
  • ** Create Unlimited Download Pages
  • ** Easy to Manage Within WordPress
  • ** Easy to Setup with JVZoo

The Web Profit School - My Download Page Plugin  was made to solve a real problem that I saw in the marketplace.

You can purchase expensive software that does this and much more, but it will not create a login page OR provide you with the download page.  With My Download Page plugin, you CAN create a custom protected download page without being a web designer and do it from your blog.

This plugin will help you to focus on marketing your JVZoo products instead of making download pages.

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